Musawaat lawyers and consultants Group

Musawaat lawyers and consultants Group believe that good communication with the clients and deep understanding for their needs lead to provide them reasonable solutions solve all their legal matters.
Musawaat lawyers and consultants practice the law in two major departments:

1-National law department:

  1. Contracts ,letters .consultancy drafting & reviewing.
  2. Litigation.
  3. Companies and associations establishment & registration.
  4. Patents, trademarks and intellectual property in general registration.
  5. Arbitration .

2- International law department:

  1. Perform foreign companies in Kuwait.
  2. Perform International cases.
  3. Legally execute the foreign contracts in Kuwait or out of Kuwait.
  4. Contracts ,letters .consultancy drafting & reviewing in different languages.
  5. Mr.Trust program.

The international department went into a partnership with The Universal Address Company and adopted its unique program Mr. Trust the first and only program provides creative economic legal plans to small, medium and professional Business.

This strategic alliance between Musawaat international department and The Universal Address Company helps small to medium business to grow faster and makes different companies and corporation to practice business smart and safe by providing them many services such as:

  1. Providing smart administrative and financial solutions.
  2. Franchise industry management.
  3. properties management.
  4. citezenship by investment program.

At last but not least Musawaat your partner in success.

Franchise industry

Franchise industry considered to be the new revolution in the Middle East business sector. Investors in the region they probably prefer to use an existing success model to invest their monies and becoming franchisees themselves better to risk it with new business and new ideas it may be work and may be not! In addition, there are also small business owners with a great ideas who are interested to grow and be recognized to the world, they would like to take their existing small business and turn it into a franchise, then becoming franchisors themselves. Therefore we created our Franchise Consulting Service Department to assist you invest safe as a franchisees or to grow more as a franchisors.

For franchisees

  • Self-evaluating.
  • Set out the needed finance standard.
  • Choosing the right franchise industry category to buy.
  • Set out all the legal requirements through the complete franchise process.
  • After agreement coordination between you and the potential franchisor.

For franchisors

  • Evaluates the business ability to be franchised (financial standards –market research – capacity to grow).
  • Set out all the legal requirements to franchise.
  • Create the proper franchise Model for your type of business.
  • Arrange key Hires.
  • Find a potential franchises for your business.
  • After agreement coordination between you and the franchisee.

Property Management Services

We are creating a smart real estate solutions to increase your properties net income, low cost, higher occupancy, and maximum valuation for your real estate performance. The Universal Address Company born to deliver the premium property management services through its operating departments:

1. Adminstrative department:

  • mange property security.
  • assign property guard.
  • provide collection services.
  • follow up &renew the expired contract.
  • Business plane to improve the property value

2. Legal Department:

  • Drafting all contracts related to the property.
  • Legal presentation before Kuwait courts for all property cases.
  • Free unlimited consultations in real estate field.

3. Marketing and advertising:

  • Frequent advertising about the property.
  • Market analysis to achieve best net income.
  • Fast action plan to fill up the vacancies.

4. Maintenance department:

  • Providing maintenanceteam.
  • Providing cleaning up team.
  • Providing plumbingteam.
  • Keeping up the property in a good condition.

We are managing the properties from A to Z. For further information and more details kindly contact us for an appointment and we will be ready to assist you.

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