Putting a law firm to work for you is easy now

Life is unpredictable. You never know what's around the corner. we gives you the confidence of knowing whatever comes your way, your provider law firm is there when you need it. Become a Member and you're just a phone call away from an established law firm always ready to help you


Contact Us any time you need legal advice or assistance, No issue is too big or too small. We’re always here for you.

Why we are different?
Because you are hiring a whole law firm not just a lawyer! To work for you. In other words you are employing a professional legal department ready to protect you legally and provide you with a legal pre-caution so your business away from legal troubles with a ZERO EMPLOYEMNT COST

What about the our fees?
It’s may be less than your minimum cellphone Bill! Shocking, right?

Why it’s your best choice?
Because you are paying for the legal services you really need and use for your Business so you pay what you get!

Business Corporation used to go into legal services agreements for annual commitment with many law firms paying high priced lump sum payment including services they will never use but they are paying for them any way ! With us you are paying what you really need.

Now !Choose the perfect legal plan for you and start breathing easy, worry less, live more ,you are covered by us.

we have a different legal plans contain a different legal services serving different types of businesses.

Each legal plan has a special legal services designed especially for your type of business, for example we created a legal plans especially for Doctors contain legal services Doctors usually need them more than other professions. Example for the legal services including in Our Legal plans:

  1. Legal advice& consultations concerning your corporation.
  2. Collections letters concerning your office.
  3. Legal Document Review and Draft (contracts, letters e mails, etc.) concerning your corporation.
  4. Legal representation before chamber of summary procedures for your corporation.
  5. Trail defence service for the labour law cases against your corporation.
  6. Judicial monthly inquiry for your corporation status.
  7. Intellectual property registration service for the engineering drawings concerning your corporation.
  8. Legal representation before police stations (patients complains) against your clinic.
  9. Legal representation before chamber of legal custodianship & judicial dissolution.
  10. And even more …


We have the perfect legal plans to fit your profession and pricing that makes it easy to get protected.


We have the perfect legal plans to fit your business and pricing that makes it easy to get protected.

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